How to change the battery for Hyundai Sonata key fob in 8 easy steps!

battery for hyundai sonata key fob
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The Hyundai Sonata key fob is a convenient way to unlock and start your car, but the battery eventually dies. If you need to change the battery for Hyundai Sonata key fob, follow these instructions. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

What kind of Hyundai Sonata key fob battery replacement do I need?

The best place to find batteries is at your local grocery store. The CR2032 battery should last for about five years if it’s not used often or left outside in the cold, so you’ll only need one replacement battery for Hyundai Sonata key fob!

How to change your battery for Hyundai Sonata key fob:

Every once in a while you’ll need to change the battery in your Hyundai key fob when it runs low or stops responding on your Reno commute. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to open the Hyundai key fob and how to program the Hyundai key fob. Luckily, this process is relatively easy and can be performed at your home!

  • Remove the emergency key from the bottom of your key fob.
  • Insert your key into the groove between release button and key slot.
  • Turn the key (like you’re unlocking a door) until the fob pops open.
  • Face buttons downward (or they will fall out) and open the fob.
  • Set aside the fob half with buttons and remove the barrier and the circuit board.
  • Use your key to remove the old battery from the socket.
  • Put the new battery in its socket.
  • Snap the fob back together and you are done.

How to program your Hyundai Sonata key fob:

The steps for reprogramming your key fob are easy. We’ve listed them below so that you can easily complete this task yourself!

  • First get inside of your car and make sure all the doors are closed.
  • Use your key to turn your Hyundai to the “ACC” (accessory) position on your ignition.
  • Hold the “open” or “unlock” button on the key fob until your vehicle’s light flashes.
  • our key fob is now programmed to your vehicle.

To make this programming method work you´ll need to use a key fob that have been previously programmed by Hyundai, if you have a brand new key fob you’ll need to get assistance by Hyundai service center to have it programmed to your car.


If you have a Hyundai Sonata and need to change your battery or program your key fob, our step-by-step guide can help. We provide all the information you need to get the job done quickly and easily. Contact us today for any of your automotive locksmith needs. Our team is here to help!